Hello my name is JESSICA LOUIE and I design.

GQ: Didn't you always feel like a freak growing up?

TOM FORD: I thought I was fabulous and everyone else was stupid.


I started my design education at the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON where I got my degree in ARCHITECTURE. I quickly realized that it was a career with too many guidelines (literally).  So I moved to NEW YORK CITY to attend PARSONS where I spent a good year learning how to sew, drape and pattern make.  I was fortunate enough to land my first job as an Assistant Designer for FREE PEOPLE out in PHILADELPHIA.  But as soon as I got there I found myself already missing one of the greatest loves of my life....MANHATTAN.

A few years flew by and my heart kept pulling me back to the only place I felt like I belonged.  I landed my dream job at RALPH LAUREN in NYC designing mens wear for DENIM & SUPPLY.  My career and life was speeding in what seemed to be the right direction when...SUPER STORM SANDY hit the East coast and a voice from the past left me a concerned voicemail.  

It didn't take long for me to realize how much I missed ALEX (my 3 year long-distance EX-bf at the time and now fiancee).  He decided to pack up his life in San Francisco and move into my 200 Sq. ft. East Village apartment.  In the same city for the first time as a couple, we started to draw out our plans for WORLD DOMINATION and so the enigmatic scheming began.  The result was one more big move cross country to SEATTLE Washington.  

I grew up in Tukwila (20 mins south of Seattle) but had not understood its beauty until moving home as an adult.  Life became one huge adventure.  We were hiking, camping, fishing, taking my boat to work across Lake Washington to the EDDIE BAUER headquarters in Bellevue.  But the biggest change of all was becoming a HOME OWNER.  

Alex and I bought THE HUDSON HOUSE in the winter of 2015. The house being almost 100 years old had us in full restoration mode. This experience was positively consuming.  It managed to strengthen my relationship with Alex and changed the trajectory of my creative career.  The love of our home spiraled into the love of architectural salvage; then turned into a love for furniture repurposing and grew into a passion for curating beautiful spaces.

 And so HUDSON LOUIE was born.


Hello my name is ALEX VO and I build.

"Take your pleasure seriously."

I switched majors three times before settling with CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT at the University of Washington. It also happened to be the same time that Jess and I first met and the start of our love story. We first met at a prerequisite class for Architecture at UW -- Jess was of course far more talented than I was and I quickly learned that Architecture wasn't for me and decided to pursue construction management instead. When I graduated in 2008 I moved down to San Francisco and worked for a large General Contractor, McCarthy Building Company. I spent my first six years in SF building a Stem Cell Research Facility on Berkeley Campus and then later moved onto a Children's Hospital in the heart of Oakland

At the time, Jess and I were in a long distance relationship and traveling cross country to see each other once a month. Back then I always knew I would return to Seattle to start my own Land Development/Builder company. When I asked Jess to move to Seattle with me she replied with a firm "Hell No," which was understandable because she had her dream job with Ralph Lauren and she was living in every woman's dream city, NYC. So I did what any lovestruck man would have done and I quit my job in SF and showed up at Jess's door unannounced. She of course took me in and 4 months later agreed to move to Seattle to help me start my land development and home builder venture, Vo & Company

Since we've moved back to Seattle in 2014 its been a whirlwind of starting two new businesses, buying our dream fixer upper, and loving every single moment. 

Hudson House  Blurb  Blurb

Hello this is THE HUDSON HOUSE.

Built in 1918, this Pacific Northwest CRAFTSMAN home is located in SEATTLE Washington.  It has gone through several ownership changes in it's lifetime which has resulted in an interior and exterior clash of the decades.  Almost 100 years old when we purchased the old gal, we were determined to RESTORE her back to her former glory.  No modern amendments will be made.  We strive to bring The Hudson House back to the natural beauty of its origination.  

Regal Beaver  Blurb  Blurb

Hello my name is REGAL BEAVER and I'm a MASTER BUILDER.

"The original King of home design. Superior in taste and craft by birth."


Regal Beaver, native to North America and descendant of the Eurasian Family Beavers, is the second largest rodent in the world and a true building badass.  He is skilled in the art of LAND DEVELOPMENT, ENGINEERING, ARCHITECTURE, BUILDING and INTERIOR DESIGN.

Beavers are known for their natural trait of building dams on rivers and streams, and building their homes (known as "lodges") in the resulting pond. Beavers also build canals to float building materials that are difficult to haul over land. They use powerful front teeth to cut trees and other plants that they use both for building and for food. In the absence of existing ponds, beavers must construct dams before building their lodges. First they place vertical poles, then fill between the poles with a crisscross of horizontally placed branches. They fill in the gaps between the branches with a combination of weeds and mud until the dam impounds sufficient water to surround the lodge. Next to humans, no other extant animal appears to do more to shape its landscape.

The lodge has underwater entrances, which makes entry nearly impossible for any other animal. Only a small amount of the lodge is actually used as a living area.  There are typically two dens within the lodge, one for drying off after exiting the water and another, drier one, in which the family lives.  The basic units of beaver social organization are families consisting of an adult male and adult female in a monogamous pair and their kits and yearlings.